Flavour Indicators

At Spice HR we pride ourselves on our tailored solutions. We recognise that your business is unique, and our goal is to identify and embed the perfect HR framework for your specific business HR needs.

To help us help you, we have created six quick questionnaires, each of which takes a couple of minutes to complete. The first two are for background, and give us a snapshot of your company, recruitment strategies, employment agreements and people policies.

There are also four optional questionnaires focused on other key HR areas –  Staff Engagement and Retention, Staff Performance Management, Staff Development and Health and Safety.

The links to each questionnaire are below.  Remember to complete the two background questionnaires first to give us some context, then choose any other questionnaires related to the areas you would like our help in, or alternatively complete them all to get a full HR snapshot of where your business sits.

The background questionnaires are:

  • Introduction – information about your business and your business planning
  • The Basics – your policies and procedures, recruitment strategies and employment agreements

Optional questionnaires are:

  • Staff Engagement and Retention – your staff turnover, absenteeism, engagement, performance levels, staff perks and welfare initiatives
  • Staff Performance Management – your performance management framework including job descriptions, setting objectives, appraisals and disciplinary process
  • Staff Development – your policies around staff training and development, skills matrices, succession planning and your strategy for future-proofing your business
  • Health and Safety – taking into account the key changes in the new legislation

Once completed we will review your answers, do some initial analysis and then provide you with a complimentary report outlining your current HR status.  If you need a little more background information on each topic, here are some videos where we discuss what we consider to be the key HR areas:

And you can always Contact Us to discuss a specific area – we love to chat!

We look forward to helping you manage your people and their perfomance.