HR is not just about hiring and firing, it’s about understanding and maximising the value of your people. 

Spice HR is an Auckland based Human Resource consultancy specialising in tailored solutions for small to medium sized businesses.  We recognise that your business is unique, and our goal is to provide you with personalised HR support for your specific business needs.  Key areas we can help you with include induction, performance management, training and development and staff engagement and retention.  We use simple and effective strategies that have a positive impact on your staff and business success, and are keen to share our knowledge and experience – as much or as little as you need.

The SPICE philosophy – Service, People, Ideas, Culture, Engagement.  It’s as simple as that!


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Staff Performance

“High achievement always takes place in a framework of high expectation” – Jack Kinder

We all need to know what is expected of us and whether we’re meeting those expectations. Regular feedback and the measurement of performance can be truly motivational, and can also nip any potential issues in the bud. We can help you set up clear processes to ensure your staff regularly know what you expect from them, and how they are performing.

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Recruitment and On-Boarding

Most businesses use a recruitment agency for this crucial area, but that’s where their level of ‘investment’ stops. We believe that positive staff engagement happens from the get-go. It is essential that your new staff feel welcome and valued from day one. We can help with checklists, induction processes and plans which will remove the stress for your Managers and your new recruits so that they can focus on the things that really matter – like getting productive!

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Employment Agreements

Be confident that both you and your staff members have the same understanding in this working relationship. Personalised templates for permanent, fixed term and casual employment agreements which will make sure you have all key aspects covered.

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Policies and Procedures

Are you and your staff all on the same page when it comes to the fabulous ‘perks’ that your business provides for its staff? On the flip side, in the unfortunate event that a staff member lets you down, can you show that you have clearly communicated your expectations to your staff? Transparency is key. We can review your current policies and procedures and ensure you have something in place to cover all the common management decisions that you may face.

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Health and Safety

Don’t get caught out! We can help with all your basic health and safety needs, including creating a health and safety policy, comprehensive hazard register, forms and processes for hazard and accident reporting and investigation, health and safety training plans, a health and safety manual (including basic processes and procedures) and staff induction packs.

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Staff Development

“Nourish the mind like you would your body. The mind cannot survive on junk food” – Jim Rohn

Training is often the first thing that gets put on hold when we get busy. However, investing in your people by upskilling them is key for future proofing your business. An established development plan creates an engaged workforce who feel confident, valued, recognised and motivated to perform and excel. We can help you create training and development plans, skills matrices, and succession plans so that your staff can clearly see their worth to the business and how they can progress.

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Strategy / Organisational Development

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” ― Benjamin Franklin

Businesses perform better if there’s a plan in place which has been clearly communicated to staff, and which is regularly reviewed. But how are you supposed to find time to create a Business Plan when most small to medium business owners are too busy working IN the business to spend time ON the business? We have access to the perfect, easy to use, online planning tool; or alternatively, we can facilitate sessions to help you firstly establish your vision, then develop your plan and finally communicate and implement these strategies.

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Engagement and Retention

“If you really want to do something you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse” – Jim Rohn

Here’s the bottom line on Reward and Recognition … Incentives help engage your workforce, and an engaged workforce enhances your bottom line! Companies with higher than average workforce engagement have higher than normal profits, sales, staff and customer loyalty and above average productivity and performance. We can help you to tick all the boxes when it comes to engaging your workforce effectively. From tailor made recognition, reward and incentive programs, we will devise the right total rewards package for your company, aligning with your goals, strategies and of course, budget!

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Team Building and Company Events

Spice up any company event you hold with our event management expertise. Who better to work with you than a team who have already taken the time to learn and enhance your company culture and who can continue this journey with experienced and professional end to end event management. Whether it be your team building events, incentive travel, reward and recognition events, domestic or international conferences or conventions; we specialise in all aspects of event management.

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Enhance your business with a touch of spice.  After all … we don’t do bland!


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